The company uses the best programs for designing hydraulic layouts, hydraulic power plants and hydraulic blocks. Careful attention is also guaranteed for plant design, presses, hydraulic plants and any kind of prototype in line with Customer requirements.

3D design with Solidworks program and Hydraulic Layout Design

• Design of hydraulic power units

• Plant design

• Press design

• Prototype design complying with customer requirements

• Design of hydraulic power units complying with customer requirements

• Design of hydraulic blocks

With the use  of the MDTools program we can design custom hydraulic blocks in compliance with customer requirements.

MDTools and the 3D design software for integrated blocks provides powerful tools to automate block design, control, documentation and processing of modelling.

The built-in blocks that 3D design software creates can be large and complex.

The program used by Fade Engineering for designing is fast and error-free, provides accurate professional documentation, automated dimensioning, as well as the automatic generation of drilling tables, etc.