Fade Engineering Srl also deals with the production of piping. In addition to being a piping manufacturer, the company deals with hydraulic systems and hydraulic power plants . They have extensive knowledge of all the problems that may arise during installation and the connection of the plumbing and hydraulic piping.

Special attention is paid to the protection of the surfaces and to the internal cleaning of the pipes.

If the customer requests it, internal flushing is carried out before commissioning, using special, certified equipment.

The piping service that Fade Engineering guarantees follows its entire development cycle, from design, to creation, to installation of steel piping systems with a diameter of up to 14 “and thickness up to 50 mm.

All weldings are certified according to EN 288.2, ASME IX standards.

Checks carried out are “non-destructive”, via ultrasound, penetrating liquids and x-rays.